Patch 09.Mai.2013

Patch 09.Mai.2013

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Default Patch Notes, May 9th

General fixes

Fix for a character that is killed while logging out sometimes leaving behind an empty corpse, and logging back at their bindstone with their full inventory.
Fixed a bug where a clan would not disband after the last member left.
You can now use # - _ ( ) and space when renaming a bag.
Fixed a bug where logging in with a character the combat log would get populated with a spam of messages (about feats already unlocked and completed.
Fixed a bug where in some cases friends list would show empty when logging in.
Fixed a bug where in some cases GUI was not tolerant to MouseDown - MouseUp sequences
Fix for “speed up” sound of footsteps.
Fixed a bug where two players could get their trade sessions blocked after trade receiver died.
Fix for a crash when using a mount before it was fully loaded.
Server performance optimizations

Skill changes

+150% Cooldown
+150% Duration
+300% Base Magnitude
-34% Magnitude

Unburden's Lighten effect now stacks with advanced food Lighten effect.
Fixed description to more accurately describe the current state of the skill.

Harvesting changes

Harvesting skills (except for digging) will no longer get interrupted when players or monsters walk in front of you.
(Note: However, this holds true for only the current use of the skill and not the automatic next iteration if you do not have a line of sight with the node.)

Mining, Logging, Herb Gathering, Fishing
Success rate changed to 100% at all times. They had 75% (at Skill 1) to 95% (at Skill 100).
Harvesting timer has been increased from 10 to 12.5 (at Skill 1) and from 8 to 8.4 (at Skill 100).
Updated Skill-up GUI text for these skills.

Success rate changed to 100% at all times. They had 75% (at Skill 1) to 95% (at Skill 100).
Skinning timer got increased from 5 to 6.25 (at Skill 1) and from 5 to 5.25 (at Skill 100).
Updated Skill up GUI text for Skinning.

(Note: Concerning some of the low level monsters, there’s a chance of failure when skinned but this is due to the monster's Skin Loot Table and not because skill fails.)

Updated Skill-up GUI text for Digging as the Digging Timer is constant.

World updates
Removed all the NPC Guard Vendors from the Racial Outposts (for now).

Model updates
Updated the visuals of Vargashi Defender.

- New sounds for Fireball impact and Dragonbreath spells
- All spell sounds were slightly lowered in volume
- Adjusted the roll-off curve of spell sounds.

Game Manual
Two new pages were added:

Various optimizations and bugfixes
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