Update 10.Mai.2013

Update 10.Mai.2013

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update May 10th
By ragnarok | Published 05/10/2013

I’ll first run through a few outstanding high priority issues:

EU server instability this past week which resulted in a few crashes was due to hardware failure. We compensated for this the best we could, and we’re working on replacing the hardware.

Some rollback after server crashes is unavoidable, however we understand they are causing quite a bit of grief. We’re working both on minimizing the possibility of crashes as well as the duration of the rollback. We’ll keep you updated on our progress here as we understand this can be a very frustrating issue.

Steam issues for Steam players: we’re working with Steam to help them address these issues; we’re doing everything we can on our end. We’ve addressed several of the problems already and we’ll keep working on this until it’s resolved. In the meanwhile our Support offers a temporary work-around for players who currently cannot play through Steam.

Cheating,botting: not much to say here: you cheat; you’ll be detected and banned.

Progress on Dungeons and the Markets is good, as well as the other content priorities we discussed in previous updates. The ETA for starting to add the finished Dungeons is late next week; we’re just sorting out some final issues and testing. Besides these and other content priorities we discussed in previous updates (ships, mounts, schools, skills, chat and inventory etc.) we’ve adopted several of the community’s suggestions and made them high priorities. There’s a list of about 30 confirmed suggestions we’re now working on. I’ll list a few in this update:

Clan Vault deposit/withdraw logs: we consider this very important. Darkfall Online had this feature and the framework is there. What’s needed and what we’re working on are new GUI elements.

Clan Vault layers: Also very important, will provide clans with a way to safeguard high value items while being able to provide access to others to their members.

Swim Sprint while attacking used as a safe zone. This is not a major issue to fix, but it can have a serious impact on PvP. We’re working on the visual aspect of the changes needed.

Increase of respawn rates for larger groups of players: this could add significant value to group play.

Party prowess and kill distribution: This is high priority for us. Playing with clanmates or friends should be rewarding and entertaining. Some aspects of the current implementation create confusion and require players to manage kills distribution in a very unintuitive way. We’re planning to do away with the last hit mechanic.
We’re simplifying prowess and kill distribution mechanics for parties making all prowess gains from PvE distributed evenly and have kills awarded to party members in round-robin fashion.

More uses for Dominion / Increasing Holding importance: Player consensus is that there are not enough ways to spend Dominion and we agree. We will introduce ways to consume Dominion on Clan City upkeep, Guard tower special options and effects, holding siege protection timers, and maybe even on clan member boosters.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading. Your feedback is always appreciated.
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