Update 24.05.13

Update 24.05.13

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Default Patch Notes - May 24

Unfortunately the Dungeon promised for today didn't make it in due to some last minute glitches which we would rather test over the weekend and include it in next week’s patch scheduled for Wednesday.

Client crashes reported over the past week had us focusing on isolating their causes. We have addressed some, and we have also updated our logging for crashes, so if you are dealing with client crashes it's very important that you submit a report. We're working on fixing all related issues and your report helps us isolate and deal with your specific problem.

Here are the patch notes for today’s patch:

Round Robin System

You can enable/disable the round-robin system by right clicking on the party window. On the menu, select “TOGGLE ROUND ROBIN” to activate/deactivate. (It is enabled by default.)
Only the party leader can enable/disable the round-robin system.
Every time a party leader toggles the system, all party members get a notification related to this change.
Kills are distributed from top, down, meaning the leader gets the first kill and the rest follow all the way down to the last player.
Every time the leader changes, the kill distribution restarts.

General Fixes

Fixed a bug where the Spirit Bond skill could make a player unable to perform other actions.
Fixed a bug where the current radial quickslot was not being updated when changing it from the paperdoll.
Fixed a bug where if your targeting GUI opacity was low, it could stop updating the target correctly.
Fixed a bug where in some cases "Starting Feats" where not being tracked when relogging.
Fixed a bug where a player could be charged twice the amount of prowess points when buying skills.
Skinning a monster grave that doesn't produce anything, now, sends a correct system message.
Fixed a bug where in some cases mounting and dismounting in water would cause a player to get stuck
You can now use the frontal and rear mount attack even if you don’t have a single handed weapon unsheathed.
Fixed a bug where single clicking to activate a window and moving the mouse quickly would cause the click to be lost and the window to not be activated.
Pressing Ctrl (Default: Walk) while speed is set to sprinting will now correctly change your movement to walking instead of running.
Increased time required for a player to become safe from attacks, when entering a protected area, from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
Increased time required for a player to become vulnerable to attacks, when entering an unprotected area, from 2 seconds to 10 seconds.
Added VSync option in video options window.
Performance optimizations for dragging items over bank and backpack.
Fixed a bug where some map spawn point markers would show same monster display names more than once.
Fixed a bug where in some cases map spawn point markers would not display all the monsters that spawn there (“boss” monster spawns are not shown by design).
Added a new loading screen that showcases the Default Key Bindings.
Fixed a bug where in some cases a mount would stop moving after attacking, and the player would need to press a movement key to get it moving again.
Turned the corner of the icon for the player position on the map to white, so it's easier to see the direction you’re facing.
Fixed a bug where Elegant and Extravagant Crafting Robe Feats Prowess Points were inverted
Disabling Shot can now be used underwater
Digging now has a cap per tile (like fishing does)
Fixed a bug where the mouse pointer was not limited to the game window when running multiple clients
Various client crash fixes.
Improved logging of client crashes.
Patching is now being using a torrent mechanism.
Steam users will now be able to patch and validate/repair files using torrent patching, in addition to the Steam content distribution system.
Fixed some resolution issues
Added a confirmation dialog when binding keys that are already bound.
Optimized deferred lighting
Fixed precompiled shader issues causing shaders to be loaded from source.

Clan Changes

Prowess Point Reward for destroying a building during a siege has been raised to 100% of the cost of building modules required for that building.


Clan Vendor gold prices were lowered by 30% (33%-50% due to integer rounding)

Building changes

All building costs have been revisited.
Some were lowered; some were left as they were (like walls)
Overall, median cost of clan holdings was lowered by 24%

Every building's health has been revisited.
Based on the cost and their functionality some were lowered, some raised, some left as they were.
Overall, median health points of clan holdings was lowered by 38

Crafting Bonuses at Clan Holding Workstations

Crafting/salvaging in clan holdings now gives bonuses, compared to the same actions in NPC cities:

Salvaging lowered by 10%- Gold cost for crafting
Operation times reduced by 25%
Durability, protection and damage stats of crafted items is greater than those produced in NPC cities by up to 5%
Salvaging probabilities (to receive a salvageable resource) have been increased by 5%

World Fixes

Fixes to the Teleportation Chamber Area in:


Covered the opening between the rocks on the east side of the walls in Mar Shral

General (Prop and Terrain) Fixes in the following Areas:

Mar Shral

Covered a Water Hole in Andruk

Opened a bigger passage for the exit of the sewer dungeons in:

Flaming Skull
Cor Ymirhal

Brushed up the Vargashi spawnpoints in the following areas:


Special Effects
Fixed Bastion so it doesn't turn white due to additive.
Fixed Concecrate's outer ring so they don't turn white due to additive.

Monster updates

The Zombie Monster Family got a major revamp:

New Zombie Warriors
New Zombie Shamblers
New Zombie Crawlers
New Zombie Dire (Now it’s a Caster)

Visual Improvements to the following monsters:

Khamset Hand
Khamset Chosen
Khamset Child
Khamset Slave
Vargashi Defender
Vargashi Runewielder
Vargashi Warthane
Vargashi Blademaster
Ogre Bully
Ogre Boss
Beastman Destroyer
Beastman Devastator
Beastman Rampager
Beastman Warlord
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