Update 29.05.13

Update 29.05.13

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Update May 29th
By admin | Published 05/29/2013
We exceeded our patch ETA for today, mostly because of the Boss monster mechanics in the dungeon that need some more testing. We will be issuing the patch including the dungeon on Friday. The reason this took longer than expected is that while the dungeons have been complete for a while, many of the mechanics for them are new and need a lot of testing. The good news is that these mechanics are shared for most of the dungeons, so after we’ve finished with this first one, the rest should be easier to implement.

The 3d Elementalist school should be done by Friday but we decided to add it in next week’s patch to test a bit more and to avoid potential issues over the weekend. The ETA for this to be added is early next week.

You may have noticed all the bannings for cheating going on. As I mentioned in the last update, if you cheat you will be detected and banned. I will urge you to resist temptation, because it gives us no pleasure banning our players.

Client crash issues were addressed in their majority in the last patch. Of the remaining client crash causes, 80% are due to an issue we have not fully identified yet. We’re adding more logging options in Friday’s patch that should allow us to find the root of the problem and fix it. We’re also monitoring performance closely.

Tomorrow we’ll let you know more about the contents of Friday’s patch. We apologize for the delayed content, we’re doing our best to stick with our roadmap, which we’ll update as needed and see what we can do to catch up in the weeks to come.

Thank you for reading.
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