Update 31.05.13

Update 31.05.13

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Default Patch Notes - May 31

These are the patch notes for today, Friday, May 31st

General Fixes

Fixed a bug where in some cases the digging skill would block the player from performing other actions.
Fixed a bug where if you were in shoulder camera mode you weren't able to dig.
Fixed a bug where two strongboxes could spawn one inside the other.
Fixed a bug where chat would not update clan ranks of players.
Fix for serious performance drop when dragging an item in backpack while the organization bar was visible.
Fix for text fields not unlocking the keyboard input, when the owner window lost focus.
Fixed a bug with tooltip sizing.
Fix for a client crash when splitting all items in a stack and then moving the item (Changed ranges in slider so that the full amount cannot be selected to split).
Fix for trading window being locked as the active window (A/D wouldn't scroll the backpack, also, performance drop when dragging items into the backpack).
Fixed an issue with trade windows getting stuck when a bag was renamed.
Reduced the delay when switching graphics options.
Fix for random idle animations affecting attack animations.
Fix for player being able to rotate if he dies while mounted or while steering a ship.
Fixed a bug where some protected areas had a visual offset on the map.
Fix for Leap skill getting canceled on charging.

Round Robin changes

You can exclude a player from the system. The queue does not change; the system will just ignore the excluded player. Similarly, the queue does not change when the leader includes a player.
Excluding/including players can be done from the button on the right side of each party member bar.
If all players are excluded the round robin system will be disabled and the player who gave the last hit will get also the kill.
Every time the leader includes/excludes a member from the round robin system all the players will get a chat message, and the round robin button related to this player will become grayed out.
Every time a member gets a kill credit, all members will get a chat message and also the related button to this player will get a green color.

Skill changes

Stoic Defense
80% slower casting
20% less duration
25% higher Mana cost
Static Field
40% faster casting
16% less Mana cost
33% less Stamina cost

30% less Protection Bonus
50% higher Mana cost

Lightning Bolt
50% higher Blind duration

Magma Bomb
33% less Mana cost
50% less Stamina cost
Attunement to Air
50% less Mana cost
Heat Stroke
33% less Mana cost

60% more Cold Damage
5% faster cooldown
25% less Mana cost
20% less Stamina cost


You can now parry with Bows and Staffs as well.

Feat changes

New dungeon specific feats.
All previously hidden feats will now be visible.

Crafting/Salvaging window changes

Crafting and salvaging windows now display an indication whether the “clan workstation bonuses” are active at the current workstation or not, and which values are, or would be, affected. A full description of the available bonuses can be seen in the tooltip of the “tick” or “cross” icon, next to the “Clan Workstation Bonuses” text.

Holdings and Control Points:

When a village or holding marker is clicked, connections between the clicked marker and holdings/villages are shown.

World changes

A new dungeon was added in Iriendir


The Troll Monster Family got a major revamp:

New Troll and Cave Troll Variation
New Troll Warrior and Cave Troll Warrior Variation
New Troll Shaman and Cave Troll Shaman Variation
New, Unique Troll Boss: Primitive Trollish Juggernaut

Audio changes

Fixed Rockbanger footsteps
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